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Relationship Help At is an interactive, step-by-step relationship and communication course that offers you the skills and understanding that are guaranteed to bring life and joy back into your heart. Learn to get through mountains of anger and frustration. Learn the secrets to forgiveness. Return to a kind, passionate and loving relationship that fills your heart with joy.

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  • No matter what I say, my partner takes it wrong and gets hurt, or throws it back in my face.
  • Conversations over simple things often escalate into heated arguments.
  • I feel my partner has shutdown and withdrawn physically and/or emotionally.
  • My partner seems frustrated or angry a great deal of the time.
  • There is a great deal of tension between me and my partner.
  • I feel like I walk on eggshells. I try to avoid sensitive topics.
  • It feels as though my partner never listens to me.
  • My sex life has no 'life' in it, and has lost its spark.
  • I feel alone, even though I am in a relationship.
  • I feel like the only attention I receive is negative criticism.
  • I am really struggling to forgive a betrayal.
  • I feel disappointed and let down a lot of the time.
  • I am on the verge of leaving.
  • Our relationship is strained and full of tension.
  • I am at the end of my rope.

If you answered YES while reading the list above, this Relationship and Communication Program is for YOU.


What You Need to Repair Your Relationship

The more you understand WHO you are, what are your personal strengths, gifts, talents, as well as your weaknesses that cripple your relationships, your success and your happiness, the better equipped you are to succeed and thrive.

You need full and easy access to information. Imagine having 24 hour, 7 days a week, access to videos, books, exercises and articles that can teach you better ways to understand those you love.

There is no higher education for the things we need most, communication that can fulfill and inspire our personal and professional relationships. Access to one-on-one zoom counseling is also available throughout this comprehensive program.

8 Important Reasons to Enroll Today

We have higher education for everything but the subjects we need most - communication and maintaining thriving relationships. The stress created by unhealthy relationships whether they be personal or professional is physically harming us. Depression and anxiety are major players in the global burden of disease, the leading cause of disability worldwide, and responsible for billions of dollars a year in lost work.

Antidepressants, though essential for some people, don’t teach us how to better respond to stress and anxiety. But Relationship Help at Home can teach you what you need to know in order to create more peace, insight, understanding and joy in your life.

1. The effects of our program last a life time, but anyone can afford to participate.

A huge benefit of RHAH is that its effects last a life-time. You will develop insights, and build skills and learn strategies to help you deal with relational challenges that are inevitable in life. This program teaches you to use a reflective lens in thinking about, talking about and expressing feelings powerfully and positively even after you finish the actual training.

But the price tag for this incredible training is approximately what you would pay for only two private sessions with a therapist. You control the time you invest. You control how fast or slow you go. That's right, we have built this program just for you.

2. Insight, understanding and great communication skills can keep you well.

Of course you know that psychological trauma, or even generalized stress and anxiety, can trigger physical symptoms?  Emotional distress can show up as stomach aches, headaches, sleeping problems, and ulcers, just to mention a few.

There have been studies that show that physical ailments can be ameliorated when someone engages in successful therapy. Successful being the key word there. If you find the right therapist, doing the right therapy for YOU, one-on-one counseling can be incredibly effective and freeing. However, one-on-one counseling can also be incredibly expensive.

Relationship Help at Home offers so many of the wonderful benefits of one-on-one therapy, without the wasted time and expense. So much of great therapy is education, being introduced to concepts and strategies that will help you resolve difficult issues. That is where Relationship Help at Home brings its best. Now you can receive all of the insights, strategies and time tested answers to so many of the common communication problems plaguing our society today.

3. Our program will give you a whole new perspective on YOU and others.

An awesome benefit of RHAH is that it not only helps you understand YOU better but it helps you understand other people as well. When we do not understand basic personality coloring of others, we are left to create negative interpretations without processing them correctly. We even believe that people are behaving in ways to upset and enrage us, when they simply might be behaving in ways that are consistent with THEIR personality color tendencies. People begin to see how they often make assumptions, negative ones I might add, about what another person intended.  When the clutter of your own (often mistaken) assumptions is replaced by genuine understanding of another person’s color personality tendencies, it’s a lot easier to understand others’ intentions and motivations may not be negative just to upset you.

4. Our program develops skills and strategies for the future.

In every life, big and small challenges are going to come up. Learning how to understand and deal with them in a healthy and effective way is an essential skill. Conflict is a part of everyday life, and yet we are never taught the steps to deal with it. In fact, most of the time we are terrified of conflict. It’s always helpful to be aware of one’s feelings around conflict. If, for example, you are angry with your boss who is piling work on you when you are getting ready to go away, how can you help but feel resentment and frustration.

By reflecting on what are the color tendencies behind your boss’ demands, as well as, what are your personality color tendencies that are feeding your mounting anger, irritation? This understanding gives you a way to step back and look at things from a new perspective and puts you in a better position to understand how to best resolve the conflict. Learning how to reflect on your feelings that are evoked, and why, leads to a greater understanding of YOU, but also, a greater insight into your boss.

With this understanding and insight you are freer to think of ways to respond in a more proactive way. Learning how not to get swallowed up by events (the stimulus that upsets you), but instead how to form a game plan to deal with that stimulus, is the key (and it takes a lot of practice). That is exactly what provides for you, insight and practice at using it.

5. Perspective is everything. Let us help you develop yours.

Have you ever noticed how turning a problem around and around in your head and looking at it from different perspectives often helps you find a answer that was difficult to find?  It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by a situation when it’s just a tangled mess of feelings and reactions  – but knowing how to process that situation, how to take a step back and gain perspective  helps you wrap your brain around it.

With the lessons, strategies and skills you learn with RHAH, as well as, the communication and personality training you receive, you become more aware of what is making YOU feel anxious, sad, angry, even frustrated, and as important, you learn how to read and understand others as they are wigging out as well. Then you are freer to decide how to manage your feelings or take action to alleviate the situation that is causing them.

6. Answers/Training are available 24/7.

When nothing is making sense and we are drowning in confusion, where do we go to figure out ‘What Went Wrong?’ with the relationship that once was so good? Finding answers, strategies and insight for your particular issues can be a huge relief and worth its weight in gold. What is more important and valuable than our family and our cherished relationships?

Now you are guided by a woman with over forty-five years experience, over twenty books and hundreds of articles to take your hand and guide your way. It is comforting just knowing that you have over forty-five years of experience helping you find the answers you need. Bu then add to that that these answers, strategies and secrets are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, the answers you need are as close as your fingertips. If you are a night person, perfect. Get on the computer or your phone late at night. If you are a morning person, perfect. Begin your lessons first thing in the morning. Who are you? What do you need? RHAH is designed to be there for you when YOU need it.

7. Our program helps rewire your brain.

One of the greatest things about human beings is brain elasticity. Our program is designed to bring about change at the most basic level of the brain. We think of medication as changing the depressed brain, but there’s very compelling evidence that education and mental exercises can do the same thing, because each day you focus your brain on a way of enhancing, strengthening and healing your relationships. 

Like cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), RHAH helps people identify the negative thought patterns they fall back on habitually – which are no doubt wired into the brain like deep ruts – and helps people replace them with new and more positive mental habits. In addition to helping people experience fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety. Just knowing that we are doing something positive toward our situation or challenges causes us to feel empowered and more hopeful.

8. Our program enables you to teach the next generation.

The best thing about learning how to communicate and understand yourself and people you love is that, if you have kids, it helps you teach and model for them a better way. You can help your children learn healthy ways to express themselves, as well as, helping them communicate through understanding all the colors of their personality color blends. You can only pass down the knowledge and understanding that you develop for your own life. The Relationship Help at Home program provides you a way to help transform future generations of relationships.

To see all that is included just look below:

Relationship Help at Home AND BONUS Programs

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Yes you read that right! When you enroll today, you will receive the Primary Colors Personality and Communication Training Program AND the Six Levels of Communication Video Training as BONUS Programs. Receive $1,021.00 worth of training for only $398.00. That is what you would pay for two private counseling sessions, but you will have everything you need to heal and strengthen your relationship without ever leaving your home.

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Meet Dawn Billings, Author & Creator of

 In 2008 Dawn Billings was selected as one of the nation's 80 emerging women leaders by Oprah Magazine and The White House Project, as well as, chosen as one of 15 "Women of Achievement" by the Cobb County, Georgia, YWCA for her socially dynamic programs and life long dedication to the benefit of women and children.

"I have learned that if given a chance to gain insight into their color personality tendencies and learn to understand the color personality tendencies of others, people flourish across all life domains.  I have always been curious and driven by a desire to understand and effectively communicate with people. I inspire people to implement practical tools and strategies that are informed by the latest advances in neuroscience, personality, and human psychology. With a career spanning 40+ years, I have worked with individuals, couples, and organizations to diminish interpersonal conflict, and enhancing human connection.

My highly acclaimed Primary Colors Personality Test™ licensed to relationship and leadership experts was administered to over 70,000 people each year. These insight tools focus on strengthening communication skills, building strong and lasting relationships, and greatly improving productivity and personal and professional bonds. I provide communication and advanced personality training at the Executive Training Resort in Arizona and do couples workshops and intensives as well.

I am also extremely proud to be the CEO, Founder of The Heart Link Women's Network®, an intimate and innovative women's networking company, dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs showcase their products and services with ease. The Heart Link Women's Network has locations in the US, Canada, and Australia."

I look forward to sharing, growing and healing together, Dawn L. Billings

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